What is roofing really like?


If you’re new to the roofing industry, you may have questions about what the work is really like. The plain answer is actually very simple: roofing is one of the best jobs in the construction industry.

No, seriously.

Consider this: the roof is one of—if not the—biggest and most important investment of a building. The stability and quality of the roof are absolutely vital to the building’s integrity and performance. What’s more, the roof is generally the first thing we see when we judge the appearance and quality of a building.

Given the importance of roofing, you may wonder why trades like plumbing and electrical seem to get more attention. The likely reason is there are several misconceptions about roofing: such as it’s only seasonal; you work at high locations, and long hours.

In actual fact, roofing is a year-round trade and the industry is booming. Skilled trade workers are in high-demand and in addition to new construction projects, all roofs require on-going maintenance any time of year. While it’s true a roofer works on a building’s highest location, reputable, established companies like Raven strictly adhere to industry and association safety standards and protocols and all employees go through extensive training, including Fall Protection, PPE and WHIMS.

Is roofing right for you? It’s important to know that roofing is a technical trade. Qualified roofers need the training and skills to deal with a host of structural, safety and fire issues, not to mention they’re constructing the building’s biggest barrier between the elements and its interior. However, if you enjoy physical work, the freedom of being outdoors, and the responsibility that comes with trades training and professionalism, then roofing is a great alternative to the 9–5 office job.


Raven Roofing has been providing industry-leading roofing services since 1995. Specializing in commercial and industrial flat roofing (EPDM, TPO, PVC, SBS, and Metal Roofing), Raven has earned a reputation for professionalism and exceptional workmanship. How? Through the skill, foresight and innovation of every Raven team member. Not only does every Raven employee have the highest industry and educational training for their individual job, but the company is led by people who worked their way up through the ranks and understand how to run the complexities of a multi-faceted roofing job efficiently, effectively, and to ensure a superior finished product. If you’re interested in working for a company with a focus on being the best place to work in the roofing industry, get in touch with us.